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Disease Burden in Adults with Atopic Dermatitis

In a study to establish disease burden in European adult patients with atopic dermatitis (AD), participants reported significant burden of health, health-related quality of life, productivity, activities, and health care. Data were from 2016 National Health and Wellness Survey conducted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K. Bivariate analyses were conducted on outcomes between matched non-AD controls vs AD self-reports (both n=1,860). Researchers found:

  • AD and a subset of inadequately-controlled AD (IC-AD) patients, respectively, vs non-AD controls reported significantly higher short-form 36 physical and mental component summaries, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorder prevalence.
  • IC-AD patients reported significantly greater overall work and activity impairment vs non-AD controls.
  • 21.6% of AD and 37.9% of IC-AD patients reported previous 6-month emergency room visit ≥1 vs 16.5% non-AD; 93.1% AD vs 84.2% non-AD had ≥1 clinician visit.


Eckert L, et al. Burden of illness in adults with atopic dermatitis (AD): Analysis of National Health and Wellness Survey data from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. [Published online ahead of print March 21, 2019]. J Am Acad Dermatol. doi:10.1016/j.jaad.2019.03.037.