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Rejuvenation Procedure Proves Safe and Effective

Lasers Surg Med; ePub 2018 Aug 8; Knight, Kautz

The same‐day, combined, intense pulsed light/non-ablative fractionated laser (IPL‐NAFL) treatment regimen proved safe and elicited a significant skin rejuvenating effect, in a similar manner to that shown in other same‐day combined therapies, without prolonging downtime of each individual modality. This according to a recent study that evaluated the combined effect of same‐day, sequential IPL‐NAFL treatment on photoaging of the face. 30 patients underwent 3 sessions of full‐face IPL therapy, followed immediately by NAFL treatment, conducted at 4–6 week intervals. Wrinkle/elastosis and skin qualities were scored at 1, 3, and 6 months after the last treatment session. Immediate responses were evaluated up to 30 minutes following treatment and adverse events were monitored throughout the study period. Researchers found:

  • Wrinkle/elastosis scores gradually improved over the treatment period, with 59% of patients presenting improvement by the 1‐month follow‐up session, which persisted also at the 6-month follow‐up visit.
  • Good to excellent pigmentation responses were recorded for ≥63% and improvements in texture, brightness, and tightness were recorded for ≥80% of patients throughout the follow‐up period.
  • >90% of the treated patients exhibited improved or much improved overall appearance.


Knight JM, Kautz G. Sequential facial skin rejuvenation with intense pulsed light and non‐ablative fractionated laser resurfacing in Fitzpatrick skin type II–IV patients: A prospective multicenter analysis. [Published online ahead of print August 8, 2018]. Lasers Surg Med.