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Ovarian reserve markers fall on isotretinoin, but rebound after stopping treatment.

Key clinical point: Markers of ovarian reserve dropped significantly from baseline for those taking a higher dose of isotretinoin for severe acne, as did anti-M├╝llerian hormone levels alone for those taking any dose of isotretinoin, but values rebounded for all after stopping treatment.

Major finding: For women taking isotretinoin 1 mg/kg/day, AMH levels went from 5.14 ng/mL at baseline to 4.24 ng/mL on treatment, to 4.65 ng/mL 1 month after treatment (P less than .001 for difference between baseline and on-drug values).

Study details: Prospective case-control study of 42 women of reproductive age prescribed isotretinoin for severe acne, and 26 women without acne.

Disclosures: Dr. Akbulut reported no outside sources of funding and that she had no relevant financial disclosures.