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Rare Cutaneous Benign Tumor (RASD) Can Mimic SK

Dermatol Pract Concept; 2017 Jul; Ribiero, Leocadia, et al

Reticulated acanthoma with sebaceous differentiation (RASD) is a rare, benign cutaneous tumor with peculiar histopathologic characteristics, according to a recent review. RASD had been described under various synonyms such as superficial epithelioma with sebaceous differentiation, sebocrine adenoma, poroma with sebaceous differentiation, and seborrheic keratosis with sebaceous differentiation. Clinical differential diagnosis of RASD includes cutaneous superficial epithelial neoplasia such as Bowen’s disease, superficial basal cell carcinoma, and intraepidermal eccrine poroma.


Ribiero F, Leocadia E, Macarenco RS, et al. Reticulated acanthoma with sebaceous differentiation mimicking melanoma. Dermatol Pract Concept. 2017;7(3):35-37. doi:10.5826%2Fdpc.0703a07.

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