Our readers weigh in on a variety of clinical and regulatory issues that matter to physicians and their practice of medicine.

Families in Psychiatry

Alison M. Heru, MD, an expert in family therapy and systems, and psychosomatic medicine, writes Families in Psychiatry. Dr. Heru, of the University of Colorado Aurora, offers tools to psychiatrists who seek to go beyond psychopharmacologic approaches to assessing and intervening with patients and families facing dysfunctions.

Mental Health Consult

Mental Health Consult is chaired by Lorenzo Norris, MD, medical director of psychiatric and behavioral services at George Washington University, Washington, and an expert panel that includes James L. Griffith, MD, chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, and April Barbour, MD, MPH, director of the division of general internal medicine.

Residents’ Corner

Residents’ Corner is a forum for residents across the country to discuss challenges they must navigate, such as medical hierarchy and the ever-changing health care landscape.

Shrink Rap News

Dinah Miller, MD, and Annette Hanson, MD, respond to the news and explore topics facing psychiatrists in their everyday practice in Shrink Rap News. Dr. Miller is a writer with a private practice in Baltimore, and Dr. Hanson is a forensic psychiatrist with the Maryland Department of Mental Health and the Maryland Division of Correction.


Techiatry, written by Steven R. Daviss, MD, and James (Jay) H. Shore, MD, MPH, are two leading voices in the use of telepsychiatry. Their column explores ways in which psychiatry can extend its reach and ultimately, transform practice by harnessing technology. Dr. Daviss is president of FUSE Health Strategies, LLC, in Baltimore, and Dr. Shore is with the University of Colorado Denver.

Weighty Issues

Just as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating are within the realm of psychiatry, so are overweight and obesity, says Thelissa A. Harris, MD, who writes Weighty Issues. Dr. Harris, who practices in Hartford, Conn., became an American Board of Obesity Medicine diplomate so she could better help her patients manage overweight and obesity issues.