Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine (CCJM) is published 12 times yearly by Cleveland Clinic.

2020 Subscription Rates

U.S. and possessions: personal $155; institutional $183; single copy/back issue $20.

Foreign: $200; single copy/back issue $20.

Institutional (multiple-reader rate) applies to libraries, schools, hospitals, and federal, commercial, and private institutions and organizations. Individual subscriptions must be in the names of, billed to, and paid by individuals.

NOTE: Subscriptions are for calendar year only (January through December).

Make check payable to Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine and mail to:

Cleveland Clinic Education Foundation
P.O. Box 373291
Cleveland, OH 44193-3291

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Please address any questions to:

Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine
1950 Richmond Road, TR4-04
Lyndhurst, OH 44124
Phone: 216-444-2661
Fax: 216-444-9385
[email protected]

Change-of-Address Instructions

If you are a paying subscriber, including library subscribers, contact CCJM at the address above.

If you receive CCJM free each month because you are an internist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, or diabetologist, send your change of address or a recent mailing label along with new information to the American Medical Association (AMA):

AMA Plaza
Data Verification Unit
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300
Chicago, IL 60611-5885
Phone: 800-621-8335
[email protected]

Why send change-of-address information to the AMA? CCJM uses the AMA's database of physician names and addresses for mailing its issues. (Please note: All physicians are included in this database, not just members of the AMA.) Only the AMA can update your data and will only accept a change-of-address notice from you.

Be sure that your primary specialty and type of practice are also up to date in the AMA records. This information is important in determining who receives CCJM. If you have ever notified the AMA that you did not want to receive mail from its list, you will not receive CCJM. You can reverse that directive by notifying the AMA. Please note that a change of address with the AMA will redirect all medically related mailings from the AMA list to the new address.