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Please note: The Journal of Family Practice will not be accepting new Case Report submissions until January 2021.

Have you treated a patient with a difficult diagnosis that hinged on a key finding in the history or physical exam? Have you cared for a patient with a common problem that presented in an uncommon way? Case Report presents case studies that offer a vital takeaway message for family physicians.

Case Report articles should be submitted to [email protected]. If photos are available, supply them, too. All Case Report submissions are subject to peer review.

A Case Report article should be approximately 750 words (do not submit an abstract) and be presented in 4 parts:

The Case: Start by listing the patient's age and gender and his or her signs and symptoms. Describe the case history, with pertinent positive and negative findings and the clinical course of the illness.

The Diagnosis: Provide details on appropriate testing, work-up, and how the diagnosis was reached.

Discussion: Briefly review the most current literature that is relevant to the case. Cite references as appropriate (maximum: 10).

The Takeaway: In one paragraph, summarize the key lesson learned from the case. What do physicians need to know or do when caring for a patient who presents with signs and symptoms similar to those of your case patient?

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