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The Behavioral Health Consult column features psychiatric and behavioral health issues that family physicians encounter daily.

The column is evidence based and practical for the time-pressed family physician. Articles follow a format that includes:

  • Definition/scope of problem
  • Differential Dx
  • How to make the diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Coordination of care issues

Case study. The article should also include a separate case study (which will appear as a “sidebar”) that is based on a real case. The case should start by listing the patient's age and gender and his or her signs and symptoms. It should then describe the case history, with pertinent positive and negative findings and the clinical course of the illness. Most importantly, the case should illustrate the challenges that arise when diagnosing or treating patients with this condition. Cases can report on success stories, but they can also describe instances when things did not end optimally (and the lessons that were learned along the way).

The entire column should be approximately 1400 words long (including the case) plus references (up to approximately 600 words).

Behavioral Health Consult manuscripts should be submitted to jfp.eic@gmail.com. If photos are available, supply them, too. All Behavioral Health Consult submissions are subject to peer review.

References: References must be numbered in the order in which they appear within the document. (Do not alphabetize the references.)

Figures and tables: Figures should display a brief title at top that tells the main teaching point of the figure. At bottom, a caption explains the illustration, graph, or flowchart completely and succinctly. A reader in a hurry should be able to look at each art element and thoroughly understand its meaning without having to search the text for an explanation. Likewise, tables carry a descriptive title and use footnotes, as needed, to qualify data and other entries.

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