Gout: What You Need to Know

In this "3 in 3" video, Richard S. Pope, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA, CPAAPA, gives a few quick pointers on what gout is and how you can manage it.

Grand Rounds

Woman, 57, With Painful, Swollen Ankle

What starts as a typical "day at the office" for a 57-year-old horticulturist comes to a crashing hault when the ladder she is standing on slips...


Picture This

Two-Toned Toes

They’re purple, they’re blue—they’re every hue! Can you diagnose these colorful toes?

Radiology Review

The Deer Stand Strikes Back

It's not the wildlife you have to worry about: After falling out of a deer stand, a 45-year-old man experiences persistent back pain. A radiograph...

Radiology Review

Brace for Impact

While driving through an intersection, this 35-year-old woman collided with another vehicle. Her only complaint on arrival at the emergency...