May 2015
Vol. 25
No. 5




Medicolegal Issues

Clinical Review



  • DermaDiagnosis

    Child With “Distressing” Problem

    A “bald spot” is the chief complaint of a 12-year-old girl brought for evaluation by her mother. The lesion in her left parietal scalp has been...

ECG Challenge

  • ECG Challenge

    Marathon Runner Has History of A-fib

    A 52-year-old man has a cardiac diagnosis of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (A-fib). An echocardiogram demonstrates no valvular heart disease and...

Radiology Review

  • Radiology Review

    Seizure Prompts Man to Fall

    A 70-year-old man is brought to your facility by EMS following a new-onset, witnessed seizure. He reportedly fell down some steps. On arrival, he...


  • CE/CME

    May 2015: Click for Credit

    Topics include: Treatment for skin infections • Postmenopausal hormone therapy • Depression and cardiac risk • T2DM and familial...