Oct 2019
Vol. 29
No. 10


ECG Challenge

  • ECG Challenge

    Enough Fuss; She Wants Lunch!

    This 74-year-old woman doesn’t see why her rapid heart rate warrants all the workup—particularly if it means missing a meal. What will an ECG...


  • PURLs

    A Better Approach to the Diagnosis of PE

    A simple diagnostic algorithm is all that’s needed to safely and effectively reduce reliance on CT pulmonary angiography to diagnose pulmonary...

Renal Consult

Grand Rounds

Radiology Review

  • Radiology Review

    Diagnosis Is an Open Book

    This 50-year-old woman was struck at high speed while riding a motorcycle, leaving her with severe hip pain. What will a radiograph reveal?

Practice Puzzler

  • Practice Puzzler

    Atopic Dermatitis

    This clinical puzzle is based on Gold LFS, Fonacier L, Levy ML. A current practice snapshot of atopic dermatitis management: where we are and...

Law & Medicine

  • Law & Medicine

    Stay Informed About Informed Consent

    Missing a diagnosis—even in the absence of negligence—can have a devastating impact on the patient, and it can be costly for you in other ways.


  • A Line Redefining His Jaw

    The lesion on this 5-year-old boy’s jaw doesn’t concern him as much as it concerns his mother. Can you provide peace of mind to the whole family...

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