Apr 2019
Vol. 29
No. 4



  • Commentary

    Part 1: The Study in Question

    A recent study found that 25% of NPs and PAs practicing in emergency departments are seeing patients with the highest severity illness and injury...

  • Commentary

    Part 2: Whose Bill Is It, Anyway?

    In this week’s installment, Marie-Eileen Onieal and an “expert panel” of emergency department colleagues raise questions about how billing is...

Radiology Review

  • Radiology Review

    More Than His Car Is Bent Out of Shape

    After crashing his car into a telephone pole, a 30-year-old man appears to have deformities in his lower extremities. What will the radiograph...


ECG Challenge

  • ECG Challenge

    Coughing Won’t Pay the Bills

    After 5 hard days of “the flu,” a 57-year-old man just wants to get some sleep and get back to work. But is there something more to his persistent...

Practice Puzzler

  • Practice Puzzler

    Treatment of Gout

    This clinical puzzle is based on Long Term Treatment of Gout: New Opportunities for Improved Outcomes. Hot Topics in Primary Care 2018....

MS Consult

Law & Medicine

  • Law & Medicine

    Good Notes Can Deter Litigation

    Excellent personal and legal representation in court can help you win a malpractice case. But good documentation could help you avoid the...


  • Not the Sole Rash on Him

    A 47-year-old man presents with a recurrent rash on his right palm. But further investigation reveals that it is not his only skin problem.

Picture This

  • A Paler Patch of Skin

    Although health risks are uncommon with hypopigmentation, disfigurement and major psychologic effects are not. Can you find the answer to these...