Mar 2019
Vol. 29
No. 3



  • PURLs

    First-time, Mild Diverticulitis: Antibiotics or Watchful Waiting?

    Don’t jump to antibiotics for mild, uncomplicated diverticulitis, a recent clinical trial says. Observation may be just as effective.

ECG Challenge

  • ECG Challenge

    A Vital Clue to the Problem

    While a 76-year-old rancher is recovering from surgical repair of a femoral fracture, his vital signs raise concern.

Radiology Review

Renal Consult

  • Renal Consult

    When to Start Dialysis

    When is the best time to start dialysis? Our expert reviews the data on early versus late initiation, based on the patient’s glomerular filtration...

  • Renal Consult

    When Can You Stop Dialysis?

    Patients confronted with a diagnosis of kidney failure requiring dialysis inevitably want to know, “For how long?” Here’s the data on who might...

Practice Puzzler

  • Practice Puzzler

    Antibiotic Overprescribing

    This clinical puzzle is based on Fiore DC, Fettic LP, Wright SD, Ferrara BR. Antibiotic overprescribing: still a major concern. Clinician...

Law & Medicine

  • Law & Medicine

    When Diet Is an Emergency

    Don't blow off things that may seem ancillary to your care—they can irrevocably alter your patient's clinical course and leave you at risk for...

Picture This


  • Whatever You Do, Don’t Touch It

    Worried about skin cancer, this 49-year-old man can’t stop touching the itchy, solitary, continually growing lesion on his ankle. Will your...