Apr 2017
Vol. 27
No. 4


  • CE/CME

    Tetanus: Debilitating Infection

    Although accreditation for this CE/CME activity has expired, and the posttest is no longer available, you can still read the full article.


Grand Rounds

  • Grand Rounds

    Obese Man With Severe Pain and Swollen Hand

    An obese 43-year-old man was gardening when he began to experience severe pain and swelling in his hand that worsened with time. Eventually, the...



  • Commentary

    Dynamic Duos: Professional Mentorship

    Sometimes the best way to learn is through example. In the clinical world, the relationship between a mentor and mentee can be beneficial for both...

  • Commentary

    Degrees of Distinction

    Are you a PA who has been deemed "ineligible" for a job because of supervisory requirements? Or an NP who refuses to work in a state with practice...


ECG Challenge

  • ECG Challenge

    Pilot Has a Flighty Heart

    This 58-year-old commercial airline pilot has been experiencing chest discomfort for the past 6 hours. After an achy roundtrip flight, he decides...

Renal Consult

  • Renal Consult

    New Drugs to Treat Hyperkalemia

    Last month's CE/CME activity on hyperkalemia promised a discussion of emerging treatment options for this electrolyte imbalance. Here it is: Our...

Radiology Review

  • Radiology Review

    The Signs That Can’t Be Ignored

    Black, tarry stools; episodic hemoptysis ... what do these symptoms signify about this 60-year-old man's health and well-being? A radiograph of...

Picture This

  • Picture This

    Clinical Comestibles?

    It may feel like you've come across everything but the kitchen sink in your practice. So, can you accurately assess this cornucopia of clinical...