Nov 2016
Vol. 26
No. 11


  • Commentary

    The Paradox of Pain Management

    In the 1990s, pain assumed the position of the "fifth vital sign" and has since been measured as such. But this spotlight on pain has resulted in...


ECG Challenge

  • ECG Challenge

    Euphoric Man, Offbeat Rhythm

    During a preoperative assessment, a 70-year-old man mentions that he has been experiencing irregular heart "thumping" for the past few months. See...

Picture This

  • Picture This

    Give a Hand

    Hand trauma from a fall or crushing blow can result in a fracture. These four cases challenge you to identify the type.


  • DermaDiagnosis

    As Girl Grows, Lesions Follow Suit

    A 12-year-old African-American girl had lesions on her trunk since shortly after birth. Her pediatrician was confident that she would "outgrow"...


  • PURLs

    Monitoring Home BP Readings Just Got Easier

    If you've ever lamented the high inaccuracy of in-office BP readings, this is for you: A simple new rule can help you sift through home BP...

Radiology Review

  • Radiology Review

    Man Thrown From Balky Bike

    Following a motorcycle accident, a 55-year-old man complains of head, face, and chest wall pain. A chest radiograph clarifies some of the damage...


  • Q&A

    Kidney Disease & “Bad Teeth”

    Use of technology is increasingly encouraging in the health care world. But kidney patients can't operate or benefit from a smartphone app ... can...

Also In This Issue

  • Article

    Flushing Lesion on 4-Month-Old Boy

    When he was one month old, this baby developed a lesion on his back. Since then, his parents report, on two separate occasions he's had a whole-...