Law & Medicine

When Diet Is an Emergency

Don't blow off things that may seem ancillary to your care—they can irrevocably alter your patient's clinical course and leave you at risk for...

Practice Puzzler

Antibiotic Overprescribing

This clinical puzzle is based on Fiore DC, Fettic LP, Wright SD, Ferrara BR. Antibiotic overprescribing: still a major concern. Clinician...



First-time, Mild Diverticulitis: Antibiotics or Watchful Waiting?

Don’t jump to antibiotics for mild, uncomplicated diverticulitis, a recent clinical trial says. Observation may be just as effective.


Alcohol use disorder: How best to screen and intervene

The USPSTF recommends the AUDIT, the AUDIT-C, or the single-question NIAAA screen. The CAGE screening tool has low sensitivity at lower levels of...