Critical Care

Picture This

When Dermatology Turns Deadly

Dermatologic emergencies can evolve quickly and become lethal in the absence of prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Will you save the day...

Radiology Review

When the Fix Fails

A 60-year-old woman suddenly collapses and becomes unresponsive. After being stabilized, she is transferred to your facility. See what a...

Radiology Review

Haste Makes Waste

Reckless driving sends a young woman to your facility intubated, unresponsive, and in respiratory distress. Will a chest radiograph help you set...

Radiology Review

When It All Comes Crashing Down

A 40-year-old construction worker was remodeling a home when the roof collapsed. A metal support beam struck his head, face, and chest; what does...

Radiology Review

From Revved Up to Banged Up

A motorcyclist is brought to your facility after crashing into another vehicle. There is obvious trauma to his head, face, and extremities. See...

Radiology Review

The Man With No Medical History

Following a motor vehicle collision, a 60-year-old man has pain in his chest, head, and arm. He has no reported medical history; is his pain a...