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Asthma Toolkit Improves Measures of Asthma Care

J Am Board Fam Med; 2019 Jan; Colborn, et al

In a primary care setting, the implementation of the Colorado Asthma Toolkit Program (CATP) led to some improved processes of asthma care, but no changes in measured outcomes. This according to implementation study that modeled the association between pre- and post-CATP status and asthma-related process and outcome measures among patients aged 5 to 64 years receiving care in safety-net primary care practices. 9 primary care practices in a federally qualified health center network implemented the CATP. Among the details:

  • 2,678 patients aged 5 to 64 years with at least 1 visit to 1 of the 9 participating practices during the study period were included.
  • At comparison of 12 months pre- and post-CATP implementation revealed improvement in some process measures of asthma care associated with the intervention, including rate of asthma-severity measurement.
  • However, there was no change in 2 Health care Effectiveness Data and Information Set measures: asthma medication ratio and medication management for people with asthma.


Colborn KL, Helmkamp L, Bender BG, Kwan BM, Schilling LM, Sills MR. Colorado asthma toolkit implementation improves some process measures of asthma care. J Am Board Fam Med. 2019;32(1):37-49. doi:10.3122/jabfm.2019.01.180155.

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