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COVID-19–related outcomes poor for patients with hematologic disease in ASH registry

Key clinical point: Data from a COVID-19 registry suggest patients with hematologic disease may experience substantial morbidity and mortality related to SARS-CoV-2 infection, but do not support discontinuing treatment of the underlying disease for favorable prognosis patients.

Major finding: Overall mortality was 28%. Deaths and poor COVID-19-related outcomes occurred more frequently in poorer-prognosis patients and those with relapsed/refractory disease.

Study details: A report from the ASH Research Collaborative Data Hub including data from 250 patients with hematologic malignancies and COVID-19 infection.

Disclosures: Dr. Wood reported research funding from Pfizer, consultancy with Teladoc/Best Doctors, and honoraria from the ASH Research Collaborative. Coauthors provided disclosures related to Celgene, Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacyclics, and Amgen.


Wood WA et al. ASH 2020, Abstract 215.