Thoughts for Thursday

Part 4: We Can All Be Leaders



Another thing that the most effective leaders do is manage their time and conserve their energy and focus. Think in both short- and long-term goals. Leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination, but they know when to stop working and how to recharge their batteries.3,4

It is also important for leaders to acknowledge their accomplishments. All too often, we downplay the contributions we have made, the barriers we have overcome, and the sacrifices we have made to get to where we are today. Our accomplishments add to our body of experience and serve as the foundation for our growth.

Contrary to popular belief, leaders can be made. Anybody can be a leader. One just has to take the time to understand the commitment and the responsibilities. Leadership is a function of who you are, what you can do, and how you do it. Find a mission that ignites your passion, and go for it!

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