Osteoporosis: Breaking Down the Treatment Options

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One unique consideration is that clinical trials have shown an increased fracture risk and the return of bone mineral density to predenosumab treatment levels within 18 months of discontinuing the medication.15 Health care providers should be prepared to recommend alternative treatment options if denosumab is discontinued.

CASE CONCLUDED After a discussion of the risks, benefits, and expectations associated with each of the available treatment options, Ms. B and her health care provider narrow down her options to use of an IV bisphosphonate or denosumab for her osteoporosis. She ultimately chooses denosumab, based on her preference for an injectable medication.


The morbidity and mortality associated with osteoporosis can be improved with an appropriate balance of nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic approaches. The varying mechanisms of action, administration methods, and documented efficacy of the available medications provide an opportunity for patient education and informed decision-making when choosing treatment. For additional guidance, the American College of Physicians, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and American College of Endocrinology have published guidelines that can help in the decision-making process.16,17

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