Brand Who? Brand You!


A foundational component of building your brand is positioning yourself as a credible expert and leader. We each have a unique collection of experiences in preventive and primary care. Share that experience by getting involved in your community: participate in health fairs, interact with local news media, or volunteer to serve on your local health board. Emphasize the quality, flexibility, and continuity of care that you can provide. Share any survey findings that demonstrate your ability to anticipate, meet, and even exceed patients’ needs. Demonstrate your ability to deliver quality, accessible health care in a diverse society with increasingly complex medical needs.

As the nation continues to face a shortage of primary care providers and services—a gap that NPs and PAs are equipped to fill—it’s time for us to promote ourselves and advertise all that we can do. This isn’t just for our own sakes, but for our patients’ as well. Give some serious thought (and even more serious effort) to imagining and developing yourself as a brand. Define your brand’s attributes and the qualities or characteristics that make you distinctive from your competitors (or even your colleagues). You are the CEO of brand YOU!

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