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The U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends administering the hepatitis A vaccine to infants aged 6-11 months with travel to or living in developing countries and areas with high to moderate risk for hepatitis A virus transmission. Any dose received at less than 12 months of age does not count, and the administration of two age-appropriate doses should occur following this dose.

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Measles: The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends all infants aged 6-11 months receive one dose of MMR prior to international travel regardless of the destination. This should be followed by two additional countable doses. All persons at least 12 months of age and born after 1956 should receive two doses of MMR at least 28 days apart prior to international travel.

Prior to administering, determine whether your patient will travel to a yellow fever–endemic area because both are live vaccines and should be received the same day. Otherwise, administer MMR doses 28 days apart; coordination between facilities or receipt of both at one facility may be necessary.

Yellow fever vaccine: The U.S. supplies of YF-Vax by Sanofi Pasteur are not expected to be available again until the end of 2018. To provide vaccines for U.S. travelers, Stamaril – a yellow fever vaccine produced by Sanofi Pasteur in France – has been made available at more than 250 sites through an Expanded Access Investigational New Drug Program.

Since Stamaril is offered at a limited number of locations, persons with anticipated travel to a country where receipt of yellow fever vaccine is either required for entry or recommended for their protection should not wait until the last minute to obtain it. Postponing a trip or changing a destination is preferred if vaccine is not received, especially when the person is traveling to countries with an ongoing outbreak.

The vaccination does not become valid until 10 days after receipt. Infants aged at least 9 months may receive the vaccine. Since the yellow fever vaccine is a live vaccine, administration may be contraindicated in certain individuals. Exemption letters are provided for those with medical contraindication.

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