Law & Medicine

Labeling of medication warnings

Issuing timely warnings regarding medical products promotes patient safety, and the law appears to place the major onus on the manufacturer.

Hitting a Nerve

Happiness in my solo practice

“I’m happy in my little one-office world,” says Dr. Allan M. Block, who has no desire to expand beyond it.

Managing Your Practice

Review your insurance

Malpractice insurance requirements will remain fairly static throughout your career, but other insurance needs evolve over time. A good example is...

Hitting a Nerve

It’s board recertification time!

While the esoteric details of anatomic terms and neural pathways may be forgotten over time, it’s important to have an “instinctive understanding...


Our EHRs have a drug problem

Setting up electronic prescribing of controlled substances in an electronic record can be costly and incredibly time consuming.