Managing Your Practice

Paid (and unpaid) time off

A major issue with PTO is the possibility that employees will resist staying home when they are actually sick.

Law & Medicine

Negligent use of steroids

Patient-oriented standards increasingly involved in informed consent negligence suits.


Is there a (robotic) doctor in the house?

Research published by Washington University’s Center for Advanced Studies in Adaptive Systems (CASAS) describes a technology that aims to help...

Law & Medicine

Office of Inspector General

Health care fraud, waste, and abuse consume some 10% of federal health expenditures.

Managing Your Practice

Long-term care insurance

To be sure, there is considerable debate about whether LTCI is worth the cost.

Law & Medicine

‘Time lost is brain lost’

The plaintiff will typically be disqualified from offering medical testimony, unless there is “common knowledge.”

Hitting a Nerve

When patient autonomy gets in the way

Dr. Allan M. Block says doing a consult on an alert and reasonable patient who doesn’t want one seems like harassment.