Conference Coverage: Annual Meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers

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Teriflunomide effective for faster-advancing MS

Key clinical point: Teriflunomide is effective for patients with faster-advancing MS. Major finding: Teriflunomide at 14 mg and 7 mg reduced the...

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Smoking causes worse outcome in MS

Key clinical point: Smoking increases the risk of developing multiple sclerosis and worsens the severity of the disease. Major finding: Regular...

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Optimizing treatment selection in MS often tricky

Important factors to consider when choosing an appropriate disease-modifying therapy for patients with multiple sclerosis include disease activity...

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CMSC: Survey offers snapshot of MS therapy trends

One-quarter of multiple sclerosis patients receive some form of assistance from the pharmaceutical industry in covering the cost of their disease-...

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CMSC: Many menopausal and MS symptoms overlap

While about half of females with multiple sclerosis are postmenopausal, objective data about the impact of menopause on the course of multiple...