Heroes change with the times and are metaphors for the real-life challenges we face and our abilities to overcome them.

Managing Your Practice

The Sunshine Act, 5 years hence

The law’s questionable impact and apparent lack of enforcement do not mean you can ignore it. The data are still being collected and displayed.

Hitting A Nerve

The patient who doesn’t like you

Dr. Allan M. Block’s experience has told him that, if for whatever reason a patient doesn’t like him, it’s best...


ADHD in the long term

Persistence of ADHD is associated with functional problems, but multimodal treatment can improve long-term...


Slowing down

This past Labor Day weekend, I did something radical. I slowed down. Way down.

Managing Your Practice

Don’t forget about OSHA

Failure to comply with OSHA regulations can result in stiff penalties running into many thousands of dollars.