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In patients with CIS, combined omics predicts conversion to clinically definite MS

Key clinical point: A combined proteomic and metabolomic approach predicted clinically isolated syndrome patients who were early and late converters to multiple sclerosis.

Major finding: Those who would convert to clinically definite multiple sclerosis were predicted with 77% accuracy from omics analysis of baseline cerebrospinal fluid samples.

Study details: An evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid samples from 112 patients with clinically isolated syndrome or MS, and 64 non–multiple sclerosis control patients.

Disclosures: The study was sponsored by the U.K. Medical Research Council, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Numares Health, and Merck. Dr. Probert reported no conflicts of interest. One coauthor reported being a consultant for Novartis, and two coauthors reported financial relationships with multiple pharmaceutical companies, including Merck.


Probert F et al. ECTRIMS 2019, Abstract P586.