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Longer Sleep Linked with Lower BMI in Young, But…

Obesity; ePub 2017 Aug 29; Vézina-Im, et al

A longer period of sleep was linked with lower body mass index z scores (zBMI) in low-income preschoolers, but not after controlling for parents' characteristics in a study involving 228 parents and their children. Participants were blacks or Hispanics recruited from Head Start centers. Investigators asked parents about preschoolers' sleep duration, bedtimes, and TV viewing habits. They also estimated food intake based on eating observations during dinner, and measured parent stress and depression levels. Among the results:

  • Longer sleep duration was significantly linked with lower zBMI when controlling for demographics, bedtimes, food intake, and TV watching.
  • However, this was not the case when also controlling for parent demographics, BMI, stress, and depression.
  • Neither bedtime nor ethnicity appeared to impact the association.


Vézina-Im L, Hughes S, Baranowski T, Nicklas T. Association between sleep duration and body mass index among US low-income preschoolers. [Published online ahead of print August 29, 2017]. Obesity. doi:10.1002/oby.21963.

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