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Critical Care Commentary

ECMO for ARDS in the modern era

ECMO can provide respiratory or cardiorespiratory support for failing lungs, heart, or both.

Pulmonary Perspectives®

Hurricane relief and patient care

My perspective is that of patient care and transport between the Centro Medico hospital complex in San Juan, the larger regional hospitals, the...

Critical Care Commentary

Life after angiotensin II

Hypotension is an often-underestimated adversary. Even brief periods of intraoperative mean arterial pressure (MAP) <65 mm Hg increase the odds...

Critical Care Commentary

On Diagnosing Sepsis

Two years ago, a panel appointed by the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, referred to as a...

Sleep Strategies

Role of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in HTN

Improving duration and quality of sleep in sleep apnea patients may help decrease the risk of developing HTN.