Critical Care Commentary

Critical Care Commentary

Neuromuscular blockade for ARDS in the ICU

The ability to control the delivery of ventilation to patients having the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) without encountering patient...

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Nutrition support during adult critical illness

To understand the supportive role of nutrition during critical illness, let’s identify and contextualize the different phases of critical illness...

Critical Care Commentary

Should PEEP be titrated based on esophageal pressures?

Current standard of care for patients with ARDS includes a low tidal volume ventilation strategy, keeping plateau pressures below 30 cm H2O,...

Critical Care Commentary

Not another burnout article

Stress and burnout are closely related, but they’re more like distant cousins.

Critical Care Commentary

ECMO for ARDS in the modern era

ECMO can provide respiratory or cardiorespiratory support for failing lungs, heart, or both.