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High-dose TRT: A new standard of care for LS-SCLC?

Key clinical point: A higher dose of thoracic radiotherapy may improve overall survival in limited-stage small cell lung cancer.

Major finding: The 2-year overall survival rate was 51.3% when thoracic radiotherapy was given at the standard 45 Gy twice-daily dose and 75% when it was given at a 65 Gy twice-daily dose (P = .002). The median overall survival was 24 months and 37.2 months, respectively (P = .034).

Study details: A phase 2 trial with 170 patients randomized to the two doses.

Disclosures: The study was funded by the Norwegian Cancer Society, the Nordic Cancer Union, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Dr. Gronberg disclosed relationships with Pfizer, Roche, Eli Lilly, and other companies.


Gronberg B et al. ESMO 2020, Abstract 1783O.