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Republicans more likely to report being hurt by health reform


Six out of 10 Americans say that they have not been affected by the Affordable Care Act, with an unsurprising political split among those who say it has either helped or hurt them, according to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Among Republicans, 37% say that they have been hurt by the health reform law and 5% say that they have been helped. The numbers were basically reversed for Democrats, with 26% saying that they have been helped and 8% reporting that they been hurt. Independents lean more toward the Republicans, with 27% saying that they have been hurt and 11% saying that they have been helped, Kaiser reported in its latest Health Tracking Poll.

Those who report being hurt by the law were most likely to cite their increased health care costs (14% of the public overall), while those who say they have been helped most often say that someone in their family was able to get or keep coverage (5% of the public overall), Kaiser said.

The survey involved a nationally representative sample of 1,505 adults and was conducted May 13-19.

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