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CHEST Annual Meeting 2019 introduces Wellness Zone with tips and tricks to manage stress


Working as a clinician doesn’t always allow for extra time to focus on the wellness of your body and mind. After taking care of patients all day, it’s important to find the time to also take care of yourself.

This year’s CHEST’s Annual Meeting is introducing a new interactive experience that aims to provide physicians with the necessary tools to decompress from the stressors of work. Visit the CHEST Wellness Zone at CHEST Annual Meeting 2019 to learn easy methods to handle stress and relax after a long day at work.

CHEST 2019 attendees will learn tips and tricks geared toward improving health, and consultants will provide attendees with personalized methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the workplace and at home. For those who have yet to register for the annual meeting, this new initiative might change your mind.

At the Wellness Zone, you can relax while getting your feet massaged at one of the four massage machine stations. Clinicians are always on the go, and this station will help to relieve the pressures of being on your feet all day at work.

Essential oils will also be on display for you to smell. Experts will show you the best oil combinations to use in and out of the office.

With a daily strenuous workload, clinicians often forget about their own health, which can lead to poor posture. The Wellness Zone is equipped with consultants who will examine your posture to provide you with feedback to improve your stance. You will walk away after an evaluation with before and after pictures from your consult and a full posture analysis report.

Do you want to try meditation? There is a space dedicated to guiding you through a first-time practice equipped with headphones. You can visit this area to learn about guided meditation apps that make it easy to follow along when meditating at work and home.

The Wellness Zone will feature a variety of 15- to 30-minute sessions focused on providing you with the resources to create a new wellness routine after the annual meeting’s conclusion.

Geared toward improving both one’s physical and mental health, these sessions will dive deeper into maintaining a healthy lifestyle while at work and home. You will walk away from the Wellness Zone with new habits that you are encouraged to incorporate into your daily life to keep your stress levels down to avoid burnout.

The Wellness Zone will be located in the lobby/foyer space inside the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center and will be open all day October 20-23, except for during the Opening Sessions. Attendees can visit the Wellness Zone at any time with no appointment necessary.

Visit for a list of sessions that are offered in the Wellness Zone, including Creating Well-Being in the Workplace and more. Plan your visit now to enjoy all the benefits CHEST 2019 has to offer.

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