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For clinicians seeking to provide a pathway to treatment or diagnosis that is individualized to the patient, a recent study found that the issues go beyond awareness or a patient’s degree of comfort – there remains the question of something as simple as: what should we call it?

Clinicians remain uncertain whether to name the new field precision or personalized medicine according the new CHEST Clinical PerspectivesTM white paper, “Precision Medicine: Adoption of Emerging Methods of Evaluation and Therapy.” A survey of leading community clinicians from among CHEST membership found that only 35 % called tailoring medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient “precision medicine,” with 24% preferring “personalized” medicine. Thirty-six percent of respondents used the terms interchangeably.

Beyond the communication issues, the study found that most clinicians surveyed did not know enough about precision medicine to adopt it into their practice. Those surveyed reported that they wanted to see more published studies on the effectiveness of the newly available tools before discussing these options with their patients.

The majority of the respondents were general pulmonologists with intensivists and interventional pulmonologists also responding. The study was led by Nichole T. Tanner, MD, MSCR, FCCP, of the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr Tanner will be hosting a webinar to review the conclusions of this paper at 10:00 AM CT on Tuesday, July 30.

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