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Are you up for the challenge? Dr. Salim Surani is!


Recently, the CHEST Foundation had the pleasure of sitting down with Salim Surani, MD, FCCP to get his perspective on the NetWorks Challenge and its impact. Dr. Surani initially got involved with CHEST at the Board level and is now a leader within the Council of NetWorks. “My hope was that I could work within my NetWork to help them become more involved with CHEST and the CHEST Foundation. Through this involvement, I believe we can help shape changes in chest medicine practice dynamics. In the Practice Operations NetWork, we strive to educate physicians in practice to ensure they are up to date with government regulations and how to navigate changes in a positive way, ultimately with the goal of impacting our patients’ lives for the better.”

When asked about his involvement with CHEST and the Foundation, he said “It just makes sense to be involved in an institution that is passionate about taking care of patients and clinicians. The CHEST Foundation has given tens of millions of dollars in funding for grants to help shape the future of the education, the future of research, and the future of better patient care.”

Dr. Surani has always been a strong advocate for the NetWorks Challenge. “There is nothing that has been more satisfying in my life than the opportunity to give. I have always believed that the biggest winner is the person who gives a gift. When you give something to the right cause, what you get in return is a tremendous amount of satisfaction, and it is that satisfaction which drives you – which gives you a feeling of purpose. I want others to get involved and participate. If you feel passionate about something, put your money where your mouth is. This is why I will be matching any gift of $500 or greater by 10% made to any NetWork during the NetWorks Challenge. This is an opportunity to multiply your donation before it goes to the CHEST Foundation so that grants and other awards can be larger in the coming years. The NetWorks Challenge helps fund our Diversity Travel Grants Program and provides additional travel grants to each participating NetWork.” Last year, Dr. Surani gave an additional $2,365.17 through his challenge match. Are you up for the challenge this year?

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