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Visual abstracts enhance journal readers’ experience


Physicians’ time is decreasingly their own, and, yet, keeping abreast of clinical literature is increasingly more important. The journal CHEST has introduced a new feature aimed at easing that task and broadening the reach of journal content: visual abstracts.

“It’s become apparent that CHEST needs to make its content even more accessible, as well as available across many platforms,” said Christopher Carroll, MD, FCCP, the journal’s Web and Multimedia (WMM) Editor. “So we put together a Web and Multimedia team to take on that task.

At the direction of CHEST Editor in Chief Richard Irwin, MD, Master FCCP, Dr. Carroll assembled a team to help carry out an ambitious multimedia strategy (see box). Dr. Irwin charged the Web and Multimedia editorial team with not only extending the reach of journal content but also enhancing readers’ engagement with and understanding of it.

“Our first project was the development of visual abstracts, a type of infographics used to distill the key points of a research abstract into an easily digested graphic form,” says Dr. Carroll, who also is research director of pediatric critical care at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford, and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington.

The first visual abstracts were posted to accompany two articles in the July 2018 issue of CHEST. With the exception of August 2018, every issue since has been enhanced with infographics. Insert infographic here (A full gallery of all the visual abstracts so far is available at The visual abstracts are available through a number of vehicles: the journal’s website (, the journal’s mobile app (, and social media platforms such as Facebook ( and Twitter (

“Our goal with the infographics is to promote the exciting research CHEST publishes and to get readers to click through and read the entire article,” says Dr. Carroll. “So far, we’re happy with our results—and we’re looking forward to even greater reach in 2019.”

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Christopher Carroll, MD, MS

Assistant Editors

Yonatan Y. Greenstein, MD, FCCP, Newark, NJ

Roozehra Khan, DO, FCCP, Los Angeles, CA

Dominique J. Pepper, MD, MBChB, MHSc, Bethesda, MD.


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