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Greetings, readers!


One year ago, I wrote in these pages with regard to my two main goals for CHEST Physician for 2018, namely allowing more space in our pages for leaders and members to express their views, and improving interactivity between the staff here and our readership to help us better craft a publication that met your needs.

While I think we’ve met the first goal quite well, with a greater number of educational write-ups from our NetWork leadership and high-quality editorials and commentaries from other CHEST dignitaries, we have not yet heard much from the most important resource we have, our readers. So for the coming year, I would welcome you to drop us a line every now and then. See something in our pages that you like, or with which you disagree? Is there something in the news relevant to pulmonary, critical care, or sleep medicine that you think we should have covered but did not? Send us an email at

I look forward to closer contact with you over the coming year. Let’s make CHEST Physician even better together!


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