Clinical trial: Treating Sleep Apnea in Female Veterans


The Treating Sleep Apnea in Women Veterans study is an interventional, randomized, controlled trial for woman veterans recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment with at least one risk factor for sleep-disordered breathing (SDB).

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The trial will compare the efficacy of two different programs combining patient education with behavioral techniques to improve adherence to PAP therapy in women veterans. The recommended first-line treatment for SDB is PAP therapy, but women have been shown to have lower adherence to men, especially in woman veterans, who experience significant sleep disturbance and other consequences of sleep disorders. No study has tested possible interventions to increase PAP adherence in this population.

Among inclusion criteria are being a woman veteran aged at least 18 years, having received care from a Veterans Affairs facility, and having been diagnosed with sleep apnea with an apnea-hypopnea index of 5 or greater. Patients will be excluded if they are currently using a sleep apnea treatment, are pregnant, are an active substance user or started recovery in the past 90 days, are too ill to participate, do not have transportation, cannot self-consent, have unstable housing, have another sleep disorder that accounts for sleep disturbance, or have no sleep complaints or symptoms.

The primary outcome measures are PAP adherence 3 months post PAP initiation and sleep quality by patient-reported sleep questionnaire 3 months after randomizations. In addition, remote PAP usage data will be collected for 12 months post PAP initiation.

The estimated primary completion date is Dec. 21, 2021, and the estimated study completion date is Jan. 31, 2022. About 300 patients are estimated to be recruited.

Find more information on the study page at Clinicaltrials.gov.

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