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CHEST Foundation support for young career clinicians


As the CHEST Foundation continues to grow, so does our ability to impact the careers of early career clinicians. What began as a small travel grants program for the 2015 winners of the NetWorks Challenge to help offset their trainee members’ travel to CHEST 2015 in Montreal, was quickly identified as opportunity for the CHEST Foundation to deepen their engagement with early career clinicians. The CHEST Foundation travel grants program has grown immensely since then, but the core tenants of the program remain unchanged – to provide excellent trainees, medical students, and all other members of the care team with the fiscal support they need to become successful clinicians and faithfully treat their patients and community. Some of the ways our travel grants are put to good use is to attend the CHEST Annual Meeting and to further engage them as active members of CHEST. In addition to travel grant support to offset the costs of attending the annual meeting, recipients of these competitive grants receive free registration to the meeting; individualized mentorship from a CHEST member who is currently or has been part of CHEST leadership (ie, served on one of the boards, as faculty, on committees, as well as chairs and vice-chairs of the NetWorks); learn best practices for applying for research and community service grants from previous grant winners; invitations to exclusive receptions to network with peers and potential employers; and access to several sessions at the annual meeting intended to strengthen their clinical skill set. All of these programmatic pieces come together to help propel these young leaders’ careers and invest in the future of our discipline as CHEST clinicians.

Due to your overwhelming philanthropic support, CHEST Foundation’s travel grant programs continue to flourish. In 2017, the CHEST Foundation supported

a total of 43 early career clinicians’ travel to attend the CHEST Annual Meeting in Toronto. Through continued donor support, a successful NetWorks Challenge

fundraiser, and an overwhelming number of qualified early career applicants for the travel grants, that number swelled to 72 clinicians for the 2018 CHEST Annual Meeting in San Antonio. In total, the CHEST Foundation dispensed over $70,000 in travel grants for CHEST 2018. We can’t thank you enough for the impact you have made in these early career clinicians’ professional lives, and we urge you to increase your gifts, so we can advance these important professional development opportunities for clinicians by CHEST 2019!

“I’m so thankful to be a recipient of the CHEST travel grant! It enabled me to connect with such a wide array of health-care professionals and learn from my peers. It was wonderful to discover that there are many ways for me as a respiratory therapist to become involved in CHEST! Thank you to all the donors who made these awards a reality!”

- Maya Jenkins, RRT

“As an international medical graduate fellow, I experience challenges spanning from economic (inability to moonlight), professional (scarce funding and sponsorship opportunities, mentorship) to immigration-related difficulties. The CHEST Foundation grant is a superbly structured and implemented opportunity that allowed me a chance to address most of these challenges as I advance in my academic career. The grant itinerary permitted me to network with mentors and, subsequently, resulted in critical leads: A collaborative research project, offers to write letters in support of my visa situation, interest from a journal for one my manuscripts, plans to submit proposals for #CHEST2019, and, most importantly, support from leaders in our field who offered guidance and sponsorship (huge shout out to Dr. Chris Carroll)! I would like to thank the Foundation for awarding this grant as it isn’t just the grant but the slew of opportunities that came along with it that can, and, in my case, catapult fledgling careers in the field of pulmonary and critical care medicine.”

-Viren Kaul, MD

“CHEST education is the cornerstone of pulmonary medicine and delivering world-class health care. CHEST and the CHEST Foundation care about me and the importance of being the best practitioner I can be for my patients. Having impactful conversations with other clinicians, seeing new innovations, and learning through a diverse number of ways while at CHEST 2018 gave me meaningful lessons to apply in my daily practice. The travel grant made this possible!”

- Sarah Brundidge, MSc, RRT

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