News from the Board – June 2018


The Board of Regents met at CHEST headquarters in June to review our work and progress with the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. As President of CHEST, Dr. John Studdard leads these meetings and shared the great progress toward our goals.

Dr. Jack Buckley

Dr. Jack Buckley

• A theme emphasized by John and CHEST EVP and CEO Steve Welch is the importance of nurturing healthy relationships with other organizations. Whether these are sister societies, like ATS and SCCM, industry partners, or international organizations, CHEST’s mission is furthered when we collaborate on important issues. Keep an eye out of upcoming collaborative projects on everything from position statements and clinical guidelines on medical topics, to educational materials for our patients,and joint conferences with our international partners; we anticipate holding more than 20 international events over the next year, including programs in Dubai, China, Bangkok, India, Helsinki, and Athens.

• The finance committee, led by Dr. Jan Mauer, reported that CHEST is on track to meet its budget for the year. In addition, greater revenue from our publishing enterprises is anticipated for next year, which will help enable enhanced offerings at CHEST courses, live-learning events, and other programs. Thanks to all of our members for making CHEST and CHEST Physician the top two most widely read publications in the field of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

• CHEST’s new Governance Committee will be reviewing nominations for President and members of the Boards of Regents and Trustees, with a goal to ensure our leaders reflect our membership and bring a wide variety of skills to match organizational needs.

• Planning continues for CHEST’s annual meeting October 6-10, 2018, in San Antonio, Texas. Under the leadership of the Scientific Program Chair, Dr. David Schulman, this year’s theme is Learn by Doing and will offer more than ever before hands-on learning activities as requested by so many of our members. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.

• On a related note, there was a lengthy discussion regarding abstract and case report acceptance. CHEST is very fortunate to receive hundreds of excellent submissions for its annual meeting each year. There are always some proposals that are not accepted for presentation but likely could be with a little polishing. The Board agreed to develop a plan to mentor these submitters to help them get their content accepted for the meeting; this will roll out for submissions to CHEST 2019.

• CHEST’s Board of Regents continues to pursue its own development. Max Reed, Vice President of Leadership and Strategic Initiatives at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, was invited to the meeting to help the board better understand unconscious bias and learn the steps to strengthen the goals of being an inclusive organization. This most worthwhile half-day educational session will help CHEST achieve one of the most important goals of its strategic plan.

Editor’s Note

One of the missions of CHEST Physician is to keep you—our members, colleagues, and friends—apprised of ongoing actions of your CHEST Board of Regents. Thanks to Dr. Buckley for penning this column. We plan to run quarterly updates from the Board, and hope to have regular updates from the CHEST Foundation’s Board of Trustees, as well! If there are additional items that you’d like to see related to the function of the College or the Foundation, please let us know at

David A. Schulman, MD, FCCP

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