From the EVP/CEO


As we wrap up CHEST’s fiscal year 2017-18 (our fiscal year runs July 1 – June 30), it has been an incredibly positive and productive year, on all fronts. We have educated more learners than ever before, expanded our educational offerings, increased our collaboration with other organizations, grown our CHEST Foundation activities, and are in excellent financial shape to continue our commitment to clinical chest medicine education.

As we prepare for fiscal year 2018-19, I want to highlight some of the key programs, events, and projects we will be undertaking that will support our strategic plan ( and achieve our mission to champion the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases through education, communication, and research.

Our organization goals are primarily focused on (but are not limited to) the following broad achievements:

a. Increasing the number of learners that CHEST engages (and increasing their engagement with our content) and assessing the results of our educational interactions

b. Keeping our journal CHEST® among the top Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep peer review journals in the world

c. Expanding domestic and global access to CHEST guidelines and other relevant clinical content

d. Continuing to offer a positive and inclusive culture and work environment at CHEST, for our volunteers, world-class faculty, members, and staff

e. Meeting or exceeding our budget, reserve policy, and grant funding targets to ensure delivery of our mission-based educational efforts and programs

Because our mission as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit is education, I’ll start with those key programs that are driving our budget for FY2018-19 and will also cover publishing and membership.

Education – Clinical

• Increased global activity due to global partnerships with several key international educational providers

• Holding April 2019 CHEST World Congress in Bangkok

• Planning June 2019 Board Review conference in Athens, Greece

• 21 total international courses planned

• Increased Live Learning courses, simulation, and hands-on skills training

• 21 courses planned (including 3 new courses)

• Holding two Fellows courses at CHEST HQ (up to 80 fellows)

• Annual Meeting includes 11 postgraduate programs and 24 simulation courses (including more cadaver courses)

• Includes more Fellows courses (up to 240 Fellows)

• Board Courses include two half-day simulation courses; more sponsorship/exhibits, games, and virtual patient tours (VPTs)

• Continuing to build Board Review on-demand and e-learning content packages for those who cannot attend live events

• Launching inaugural e-Learning program with Elsevier

Education – Patient

• Developing multiple CHEST Foundation disease awareness campaigns and patient education resources

• New patient education guides

• Increased visual content (infographics, graphically based materials)

• Increased use of multimedia and video content

• Increased funding for clinical research grants, community service programs and lung health events, and fund-raising through cause marketing (i.e., Feldman Family Poker Night, NYC events, and other local fund raising events)

• Expanding awareness and access of our patient education materials

• Institutions, large group practices

• International reach

• Digital distribution via social media and online campaigns

Education – Industry

• Projecting seven new live clinical immersion courses

• Two new proposed PREP courses with CTS

• Expansion of educational games, VPTs, and e-learning

• Expanded CHEST Analytics Product Lines

• View Points (3 focus groups, 4-5 KOL panels, 4 pulse surveys)

• Deep Dives (3 advanced analytics projects, 5 premium research projects, 2 ethnography studies, and 4-6 Clinical Perspectives)

• Data Lab (looking to launch beta partner)

• Booth IQ (increasing capacity for booth flow and booth intel reports)

Publications, Guidelines and Digital Content

• CHEST® Journal

• Elsevier partnership remains strong; leveraging key data and Elsevier offerings, will be announcing the next Editor in Chief

• CHEST Physician

• New content and delivery mechanisms

• Supplements

• Electronic features


• Publish Volume 28 (Critical Care)

• Continue development of SEEK online library

• Guidelines

• Completions: Antithrombotic therapy, cough, ILD diagnosis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, lung cancer, and PAH

• Updates: Antithrombotic therapy, lung cancer, cough, neuromuscular weakness, EBUS needle sampling, and blood transfusions in critical care setting (doing more in critical care)

• Piloting use of DoctorEvidence methodology services and platform for “living guidelines”


• Focusing on adding value to CHEST membership for key segments

• Bundling e-learning packages with membership

• Exploring international group/society memberships and group practice/institutional memberships

• Working to attract advanced practice providers

• Performing member market research, including member satisfaction, net promoter scores, and other key metrics

Supporting Divisions (Finance, Marketing, IT, Capital expenses)

• Have more visibility (booth presence) at more meetings (AACN, AARC (new), ALAT, APSR, ATS, CTS, ERS, SCCM, and more)

• Develop and execute comprehensive marketing and branding strategies for all business units

• Clinical Education (CHEST annual meeting, Board Reviews, all int’l meetings and live learning, simulation)

• Industry Education (PREP, CHEST Analytics)

• Patient Education

• Foundation Fundraising

• Publishing and Content Strategy

• Membership

• Support new IT platforms and bolster security (HR, Finance, Board Effect, Tableau, CHEST analytics, LMS, CMS, NetForum AMS), as well as marketing and social interaction tools (HubSpot)

• Maintain Capital Budget for building, infrastructure, technology, etc

All in all, CHEST has a very active fiscal year planned, with a number of new educational programs and e-learning opportunities showcasing CHEST’s unique brand of innovative clinical education. We look forward to connecting with you and impacting health-care delivery and patient outcomes. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to lead this organization, and all of this news is directly attributable to our dedicated volunteer leadership, faculty, content expertise, staff, and valuable time that you all contribute to make this organization great. Thank you for your ongoing support of CHEST.


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