“No consequence” Knowledge Check-In expands


In 2018, ABIM is introducing the new Knowledge Check-In assessment option, an every-2-year assessment option serving as an alternative to the 10-year assessment model. Initially, for 2018, this option will be piloted for both Internal Medicine and Nephrology. In 2019, the Knowledge Check-In will expand to several additional specialties, including Pulmonary Disease. The remaining specialties, including Critical Care Medicine, will become available in 2020.

Previously, ABIM announced that physicians taking the Knowledge Check-In in 2018—the initial year it is offered in Internal Medicine or Nephrology—would have another chance to take it again 2 years later if they were unsuccessful, even if they were due to pass the exam that year. Based on feedback ABIM received from the physician community, this feature is now being extended to include all other Internal Medicine subspecialties in the future. Therefore, if a physician opts to take the Knowledge Check-In the first year it is offered in their subspecialty and is unsuccessful, they will get at least one additional opportunity to take it 2 years later.

For more information visit www.abim.org/checkin.

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