New strategic plan for CHEST


We are pleased to announce the completion of a new, multiyear strategic plan for CHEST. Over the past few years, key stakeholders have provided essential input, resulting in a plan that identifies a very focused set of priorities we’ll pursue to help achieve our overarching strategy. Having selected these priorities, which leverage our strengths and strategic advantages, we are committed to dedicating sufficient resources toward their accomplishment over the next several years.

Each year, the plan will be reviewed and modified to reflect changes to CHEST priorities.

A strategic plan is an important tool for our organization because it truly does focus and direct our efforts and resources. Guided by our 2013-2017 strategic plan, we were able to accomplish the following:

  • Developed events, products, and services that produced meaningful education for the CHEST community and generated positive financial margins;
  • Optimized our membership model to increase engagement of all clinicians on the health-care team;
  • Enhanced our global presence through guideline development and increased educational offerings;
  • Launched a new Association Management System (AMS) and made strides to becoming a data-driven organization;
  • Built and moved into a new building that enhanced our ability to develop and host courses in the CHEST Innovation, Simulation, and Training Center;
  • Increased our visibility through our rebrand as “CHEST”;
  • Fostered relationships and collaborated with other organizations to promote lung health through the CHEST Foundation; and
  • Met our budget goals and financial covenants with our bank, and increased the CHEST Foundation’s corpus for grants and awards.

This new strategic plan can be found on under the “About” section. As members of CHEST, we invite you to review what’s outlined and become familiar with what the plan encompasses. This plan provides details to help you understand the future direction of CHEST, and we know you’ll support us in these important endeavors.

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