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MOMENTUM 3 HeartMate 3 LVAD ‘practice changing’

Dr. Hossein Almassi, FCCP

G. Hossein Almassi, MD, FCCP, comments: The reported 2- year follow-up results of MOMENTUM 3 trial on the new generation HeatMate-III magnetically levitated LVAD gives more hope to patients with end-stage heart failure for a better quality of life and longer survival and opens new doors for potentially becoming an alternative to cardiac transplantation for patients with a long waiting time on the transplant list.



“Perhaps the most dramatic observation in this study is the dramatic reduction in thrombosis events requiring reoperation. In essence, this problem was entirely prevented by the use of this magnetically levitated centrifugal-flow device. Reoperation for thrombosis accounted for two-thirds of the reoperations in the HeartMate II group and the rate was zero in the HeartMate 3 population. Essentially, with this technology we’ve addressed a very important unmet need by reducing the onset of pump thrombosis, which is the precursor to either pump dysfunction or embolic stroke,” commented Dr. Januzzi, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Boston.

Given the 83% survival rate at 2 years in the HeartMate 3 group in the MOMENTUM 3 trial, the on-average 50% survival at 10 years for heart transplant recipients, and the perpetual enormous shortage of donor organs, it’s time to consider a randomized trial of an advanced LVAD such as the HeartMate 3 versus heart transplantation, with quality-of-life outcomes front and center, he asserted.

Dr. Mehra was all for the idea. He noted that within the community of physicians and surgeons who provide care for advanced heart failure patients there is a growing move to replace problematic axial-flow LVADs requiring reoperation with a HeartMate 3 upgrade.

The MOMENTUM 3 trial is funded by Abbott. Dr. Mehra reported receiving research funds from and serving as a consultant to the company.

Simultaneous with his presentation at ACC 2018, the 2-year results of MOMENTUM 3 were published online at (doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1800866).

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