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Americans support the right to affordable health care


Despite the rhetorical winds blowing out of Washington, 92% of Americans believe that they have the right to affordable health care, according to a recent survey by the Commonwealth Fund.

Political affiliation, it turns out, does not appear to determine support for such a right. Democrats aged 19-64 years voiced their support to the tune of 99% in favor of a right to affordable care, compared with 82% of Republicans and 92% of independents, the Commonwealth Fund said in a survey brief released March 1.

Support strong for the right to affordable health care
All other population subsets included in the survey also gave strong support to the right to affordable care: 96% of those below 250% of the poverty level and 88% of those at or above 250% of the poverty level; 89% of men and 95% of women; 90% of whites and 97% of blacks and Hispanics; and 91% of those in the Midwest and South, 92% in the East, and 93% of those in the Northeast, the Commonwealth Fund reported.

“This survey’s finding that strong majorities of U.S. adults, regardless of party affiliation, believe that all Americans should have a right to affordable health care suggests there may be popular support for a discussion over our preferred path,” the report’s authors wrote.

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