President’s Report


As I sit here and write this article, it is hard to fathom that a quarter of my year as the President of CHEST has passed by. Thanks again for this incredibly humbling opportunity to serve as your President.

I hope many who read this were able to get to Toronto and experience CHEST 2017. Special thanks to our Program Chair, Peter Mazzone, and to his Co-Chair Diane Lougheed from the Canadian Thoracic Society; the Scientific Program Committee; our excellent and committed CHEST 2017 faculty, who give their valuable time to ensure we are delivering the best clinical education possible; and our incredibly talented CHEST staff for all their work to make this meeting a reality.

What a great opportunity to learn and stay up to date while exposed to such meaningful content from so many outstanding clinical educators in so many traditional and innovative ways. For those who were able to be there, I hope you were able to experience the value of learning in a highly interactive setting while taking the opportunity to build and nurture old and new friendships and relationships.

As we move forward, there is so much going on:

1. The Editor in Chief Search Task Force, under the leadership of Dr.. David Gutterman and Nicki Augustyn, is hard at work with their diverse and talented colleagues on this critically important task.

2. The Scientific Program Committee, under Dr. David Schulman’s direction, is hard at work building October’s CHEST 2018 in San Antonio. It is so exciting to watch this group plan and create, in new and innovative ways, the content for this meeting to be held October 6-10.

3. By the publication date of this article, your Board of Regents most likely will have put the finishing touches, under the leadership of Jenny Nemkovich, our Chief of Staff, on our next 5-year strategic plan.

4. The Board of Regents is also moving forward with a uniform, business-like process and approach in delivering international education offerings and meeting opportunities. Special thanks to Bob Musacchio, our COO and the SVP of Strategy and Innovation, Sue Reimbold, wearing her hat of Market Growth; and Chad Jackson, VP of Innovation and Development, for their direction in this area.

5. Thanks to the Diversity/Inclusion Task Force for their continued work to ensure that the principles of diversity of thought and inclusion permeate all of our conversations and work on the volunteer and professional sides of CHEST.

6. Thanks also to our Training and Transitions Committee and their leadership, Drs. Gabe Bosslet and Matt Miles, and the support of Dr. Richard Irwin and our CHEST® journal for the introduction of the CHEST Teaching, Education, and Career Hub in the journal, which made its debut in January.

7. Also, emphasizing the critical importance of relationships, thanks to our colleagues and partners with so many sister societies with whom we are working closely to help advance the practice of chest medicine. I am confident that we are building better relationships built on common goals, transparency, communication, and trust than we have in many years.

8. Last, and certainly not least, one of the jobs of President I am most looking forward to is serving on the Board of Trustees of the CHEST Foundation as an ex officio member. Having served on this Board for about 10 years, I am so glad to be joining my CF family once again. What an amazing group of volunteers, leaders, and staff serving CHEST and our patients in such amazing ways.

These are but a few of so many things that are transpiring at CHEST. People have asked me if it is intimidating to take on this responsibility. With the support of such diversely talented leaders in our Presidential line; an incredibly mature and engaged BOR; and a CEO, senior leadership, and diverse and talented staff that we have at CHEST, all characterized by incredible intellect and energy, it is pretty easy to be just another member of a great team.

Thanks again for your unwavering support of CHEST and our mission.

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