Smart Ways to Give More Now


Your gift today truly has an immediate impact that makes a difference now.

We also want you to benefit as much as possible from your generosity.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities, Mutual Funds, and Investments

If you have owned any of these longer than 1 year and they have appreciated in value, they provide a smart option for gifting. You will avoid the capital gains tax, and you also receive a charitable income tax deduction if you itemize your tax return.

The Charitable Individual Retirement Plan Option

If you are 70 1/2, you may distribute funds from your IRA directly to the CHEST Foundation.

You will not pay any income taxes, and it will also qualify for your required minimum withdrawal. You may distribute up to $100,000 per person per year ($200,000 if you are married and both own an IRA).

Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation

You may also designate a charity as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401K, or 403B.

This will avoid any income tax, so 100% will be directed to the charity of your choice.

For more information on these and other ways to support the CHEST Foundation, confidentially and with no obligation, contact Angela Perillo, CHEST Director of Development & Foundation Operations, at

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