Live Streaming at CHEST 2017


In April 2016, Facebook launched Facebook Live, a tool for live streaming to a Facebook page to share live video with their followers on Facebook. At CHEST 2016, the CHEST New Media team began to experiment with live video with some early success. The CHEST 2017 team made the decision, based on the organization’s goal to help educate clinicians to improve patient care, to live stream complete sessions from CHEST 2017. With the help of the CHEST 2017 Education Committee and the Social Media Work Group, more than 25 sessions were selected and live streamed.

CHEST’s efforts on Facebook Live resulted in the following:

  • Total people reached: 133,737
  • Total video views: 34,449
  • Total minutes watched: 30,786 (or 513 hours, or 21 days)
  • Total interactions: 1,050 (eg, likes, loves, hahas, etc)
  • Total shares: 302

The content concept was well received, and comments ranged from followers chiming in with their location, appreciation for live streaming, and even comments from patients.

  • “Thank you for sharing this live presentation.”
  • “Here from Mexico !!”
  • “Here from Natal/RN, Brazil”
  • “Here from Milan, Italy.”
  • “Appreciate this live streaming on important sessions, big service for those who couldn’t attend!!”
  • “My brother survived after six days on ECMO. I am so glad to have him.”
  • “It’s a great chance for physicians working in pulmonology and general practice to get the pearls of guidelines from American College to improve clinical practice. Now distance doesn’t matter”

Plans are underway for live streaming from CHEST 2018 in San Antonio. To view the CHEST 2017 live stream videos, visit CHEST’s Facebook page,

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