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Champion…. You ARE A CHAMPION for your patients, and as a CHEST Foundation supporter, you are a Champion for Lung Health! These words are now staples in our foundation mission. To champion lung health through clinical research and community service grants, patient education, and community service, the impact your support can have is quite profound. You are a part of an elite group to be called “champions,” and you should be celebrated for all the ways that you have championed lung health in 2017.

  • YOU funded more than a half-million dollars in community service grants awarded to the next generation of CHEST leaders.
  • YOU educated MILLIONS by supporting nationwide disease awareness campaigns for COPD, asthma, sarcoidosis, and lung cancer.
  • YOU brought the Lung Health Experience to communities where over 1,000 people received COPD and asthma education, as well as spirometry screening.
  • YOU created awareness in rare disease spaces and raised crucial support by partnering with family foundations, such as the Irv Family Foundation.
  • The reach of these activities in 2017 has been astounding, and YOU, as a champion for lung health, have generated a great impact on the chest medicine community and the patients we serve.
  • Now, the CHEST Foundation asks YOU to join us and support our efforts for 2018 by giving to the CHEST Foundation Annual Fund today. We ask you to help:
  • Meet our fundraising goal of $700,000 for new clinical research and community service grants.
  • Support NEW lung health disease awareness campaigns.
  • Expand family foundation partnerships to create NEW patient resources.
  • Provide NEW e-learning modules to aide patients and caregivers in managing health.

Your support today makes possible tomorrow’s advances in lung health and chest medicine. YOU believe in patient outcomes and, for that commitment, we graciously thank you. YOU save lives by supporting clinical research, patient education, and community service.

Be THE Champion for Lung Health that patients and families count on, and make an impact today. YOU can be a champion and DONATE today through a new gift to the CHEST Foundation. We cannot meet our goals for the health professionals, patients, families, and caregivers we serve without you.

Thank you for your essential continued support!

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