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Dr. Clyde Yancy: CANTOS wows, opens new therapeutic avenues



– For Clyde Yancy, MD, presentation of the bombshell CANTOS trial results at the annual congress of the European Congress of Cardiology made for “a really good day.”

Those results showed that inhibiting the interleukin-1 beta innate immunity pathway with canakinumab reduced recurrent cardiovascular events and lung cancer. But further, they introduced a new way of identifying and treating patients for secondary prevention.

“Here is an alternative way to get to cardiovascular events; here is bringing inflammation right to the front page of what we do as cardiologists to prevent events; here is a brand-new agent that is a monoclonal antibody against interleukin that may be modifying this risk, and … a remarkable advantage that really needs to be replicated,” said Dr. Yancy, chief of medicine-cardiology at Northwestern University in Chicago, in a video interview.

“This is a really good day” because we’ve got new things to think about, new ways to approach our patients, and [we may soon be] entering the realm where we’ll want personalized therapy based on the unique phenotype a patient represents, and think about the pathways to disease through these brand new schemes” that are helping us understand the burden of disease, he declared.

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